Dublin Dunk | Milk Bath

Dublin Dunk | Milk Bath


Natural Skin Care

Escape from a busy day with this milk bath Its creamy and luxurious. It will hydrate your skin and leave it feeling radiant. Inspired by local Irish ingredients the hops flower will leave your skin well balanced with a endless glow. The goats milk is packed with vitamin A and is perfect for repairing dry and damaged skin. Soak yourself in this Irish tradition.

Milk Bath Benefits

Best For: Dry Skin
Active Ingredients: Goats Milk, Hops
Recommended For: All Skin Types

How to use your Milk Bath

Directions: Add 6-8 TBS to the bathtub under running water and disperse throughout bath with your fingers. 

Ingredients: Coconut Milk, Goats Milk, Arrowroot Powder, Hops Flower, Backing Soda

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Goats Milk
Packed with in Vitamin A
High in lactic acid

Coconut Milk
Help restore moisture in dry skin

Arrowroot Powder
Soothing to dry and irritated skin
Hops Flower
Helps keep skin PH well balanced