The Founder, Brittney Kerrigan is a true Midwestern girl who fell in love with the west coast. She moved to San Francisco to study fashion merchandising. It was not until 2013 when she took a around the world trip that changed everything. On that trip she experienced so many cultures, herbs and beauty regimes. This gave her the inspiration to create Roots & Blooms. When she returned she studied botany to become a herbalist under the infamous Rosemary Gladstar.. Brittney also brings her expertise in organic skincare formulations from Formula Bonatica, the world's leading Organic Cosmetic Science school based in the UK. Roots & Blooms blossomed into Brittney's vision when she decided to combine travel as the key theme through the products with toxin free ingredients presented in a stylish way. 


"If you are passionate about travel, considerate about what you put on your skin and you want to do it in the most stylish way.... then come join us! - Brittney"